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The Slanted Adventures of the Korean Adoptee -Work in Progress
Brooke Thiele, Kym McDaniel, Hannah Hamalian - Take, Pause, Movement 2018, 8m A collaboration of movement, animation, and baking. Take, Pause, Movement was performed as part of Present Music's Sound and Sight concert.
A Fall to a Sea Called Home - Zoetrope animation, mixed-media installation and performance 2017 The Fall to a Sea Called Home explores Thiele’s identity and heritage—she was adopted from Korea by a white Green Bay family—through pansori, a traditional Korean musical storytelling form. An excerpt from a larger epic-in-progress, this installation reveals layers of Thiele’s story at various intervals, creating a multi-sensory and immersive experience. Thiele’s version of a hanbok, a traditional hand-painted Korean dress, is updated with materials that reference the acid-washed denim of her childhood; it is adorned with drawings derived from family photos. A second, more symbolic layer is revealed as the dress is transformed, through black strobe light illumination and motorized spinning, into a zoetrope, an early animation technique. Recordings of Thiele’s madang, her biographical folktale built on preexisting pansori voice and drum songs, can be heard intermittently. Pansori Teacher - Hyewon Yang Korean Teacher - Seonjee So Voice Coach - Laura Lemanski Voice Recording - Andrew Thiele Creative Consultant / Interactive Installation Programmer - Becky Yoshikane Stand Fabrication - Jake Bissen Special thanks to: Marjorie and Jack Swelstad, Lilly Czarnecki Exibitions: 2017 July - September Haggerty Museum of Art 2018
3D Animation Demo Reel 2019 Walk cycle done in FK
Open Closure 2003 A recurring theme in my animation projects is based on memory fragments from my childhood. Open Closure deals with themes of structure within an adoptive family and closure of issues with in it. I chose to use a montage of experiences that symbolize different events to emphasize some of the tension I perceived growing up. Screenings: • “Open Closure” University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Union Cinema Student Film Festival – Fall 2005 • “Open Closure” Milwaukee Short Film Festival 2005 • Three, Fall Milwaukee Gallery Night 2006 • Mayhem Music Television Fox 11 Green Bay 2014 Visible Loss 2004 The animation Visible Loss, is the first of my projects to be completed in 16mm print. It deals with issues related to lack of verbal communication and emotional expression. Throughout the project I experimented with the unique features of the digital projector coupled with sand animation. I believe Visible Loss only scratches the surface of potential between the fusion of digital projection and sand animation. Screenings: • The Ice Capades, Chicago IL 2006 • Milwaukee Underground Film Festival 2006 • Three, Fall Milwaukee Gallery Night 2006 • Conduit Cinema Film Festival 2008 • Mayhem Music Television Fox 11 Green Bay 2014