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The Deer Queen 2017 6 minutes 30 seconds We are in the deep Northwoods, where the powerful and fragile Deer Queen reigns. We see a small cabin, filled with trophies of the hunt. On the ground outside the cabin, there is a dead deer. A Hunter emerges from inside the deer. Her quarry is a seductive and dangerous Crane, whom she stalks (and pines for) because the Crane has the freedom to fly away. Password: Jodygross


2017 Lakefrontrow

2017 Feminist Film Festival

2017 Beloit International Film Festival



Writer and Director ….. Brooke Thiele

Cinematographer ….. Yinan Wang

Editor ….. Andrew Swant

The Deer Queen ….. Brooke Thiele

The Crane ….. Stephanie Erbes

The Hunter ….. Brooke Thiele

Costumes and Makeup ….. Brooke Thiele

Sound design ….. Andrew Swant

Additional Editing ….. Brooke Thiele

Overtone recording and editing ….. Andrew Thiele

Color Correction ….. Andrew Swant

Deer Queen Stand-In ….. Stephanie Erbes

Tree cutter ….. Jack Swelstad





Dick Blau

Cecelia Condit

Andrew Thiele

The Swelstad Family

Erica Frederick

Lilly Czarnecki

Andy Pickett

UWM Film Department



The creation of this work was supported in part by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Mary L. Nohl Fund Fellowships for Individual Artists in collaboration with the Bradley Family Foundation.