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Serving Still Hunting 2012 I was raised in Green Bay Wisconsin, so my sense of “up north” is more unpopulated. In 1983 my father purchased land in Pembine, Wisconsin and built a cabin on a small man-made lake. Growing up my family spent many weekends fishing, canoeing, and tooling around the cabin. Much like you can’t go for a walk in the summer up there without finding three or four ticks on you -- my memories of this place are always bitter sweet. I started deer hunting when I was fourteen and still continue to hunt. To this day I have shot the largest deer in my family. It was an eleven pointer-- two hundred and five pounds dressed and weighed. Serving Still Hunting chronicles the life of a female hunter, but pushes you to look beyond normal gender challenges. I hope this piece tests your emotional comfort levels while inspiring you to recognize how cake can be an artistic medium unto itself. Screenings: • Kenilworth Studios Open House 2012 • “Serving Still Hunting” Gallery 224 2012 Publications: 2012 I AM UWM Interview Click Here for Link 2012 “Serving Still Hunting” JS online by Mary Lousie Schumacher Click Here for Link 2012 “Serving Still Hunting” Urban Milwaukee Click Here for Link 2012 “Serving Still Hunting” Third Coast Daily Click Here for Link
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